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Crushed Velvet City
Established in 1970, Crushed Velvet City has become as important as The Statue of Buford Sanford itself. Crushed Velvet City sells more than just crushed velvet suits. It also boasts and array of jumpsuits, leisure suits, polyester and rayon dresses. In 2001, the company had filed for bankruptcy and came very close to closing its doors forever. With the recent outbreak of cosplay in the Port Sanford, Crushed Velvet City has returned better and brighter than ever before.
Wannabee's: If you've see one, you've seen them all. Wannabee's specializes in Eurasianamerimexican Cuisine. Patrons are always greeted with a smile and a classic black & white comedy short while you wait to be seated. It boasts a plethora of delightful food combinations that come from every corner of the globe. While enjoying your meal, you and your family can enjoy a floor show from Benny Bee and the Buzztones every 15 minutes.
Hi Steaks Fine Dining
If you're looking for a great steak dinner, High Steaks has some of the finest prime beef in the world. After a full meal, enjoy some of Port Sanford's most challenging tables for desert. Try your hand at Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack. If you're really feeling lucky you can enter the nightly Baccarat tournament. This isn't your neighborhood nightly game though. All tables have a $20 minimum ante with the exclusion of Baccarat - which starts with a $100 entry fee. Good luck and good eating!
Dick's Deli
Dick's is the number one sandwich shop in the South Pacific. Established by Philadelphia native, Dick Schlobaggar in 1993, this chain has added 5 pounds to the waistline of almost every Sandonesian. It can't be helped though. Nothing says "satisfaction" like a mouthful of Dick's!
DIcks Menu
Around A Dollar
Around A Dollar is kind of a dollar store. The items are better than most dollar stores, yet not as good as most discount stores. They have managed to maintain their existence throughout the years due to the heavy tourism in Sandonesia.
Fly By Night Lounge
The theme is airplanes. The 'Fly by Night' was established during World War II. The South Pacific was a cesspool of traders, smugglers, spies, and criminals during the war. The Fly By Night was the den to house such scoundrel. Today it is more of a tourist attraction, however you may see a shady character or a suspicious-looking item pass through it occasionally.
Friendzone is Port Sanford's hottest new single's club. If you're looking for love, you'll probably be disappointed. If you're looking for a nice chat, some safe distance dancing, and perhaps even a few seconds of hand-holding, this is your spot. No complications with relationships and sex here. The scene here is strictly plutonic. Who knows? True "like" may be in your future. Located in the Sanford Arms area.
Hindindoo Yuu Entertainment System
The Hindindoo Yuu is the 3rd generation of the Hindindoo Entertainment System. It includes (2) 120GB memory cards, 2 controllers, 4 DVD/Blu-Ray players, and 1 Hindindoo Game Which controller; a new concept which promotes two handed OR joint effort playing action. The original system was created in the hi-tech Sandonesian city of the same name. It has since brought several jobs and a lot of commerce to the city of Hindindoo.
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