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     Hello and welcome to Suspended Animation’s “Movie Hopper Review”. Granted, we here at Suspended Animation do have a natural gift for “unique” comedy and entertainment, it does help to have outside influences. Instead of just making an eccentric list of artists, cartoons, and comic books, we thought we might share some eccentric movie influences too. Keep in mind that these movies aren’t always high in box office sales. Hell! Most of these films never even made it to the box office!


     ANYHOO! None of us here are professional movie critics, but we do love the “less-popular” movies enough to form an opinion. In fact, we’ve embraced the unique movie genre phenomenon and formed these movie reviews just for you. WE know what you’re thinking. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH COMIC BOOKS? The simple answer is: Nothing, but if you’ve made it this far into the web site, chances are you’re on the same page as us. So enjoy!

Ghost Fever Cover.jpg

Ghost Fever

Release Date: March 27, 1987 Starring: Sherman Hemsley, Luis Avaloz, Jennifer Rhodes, Deborah Benson, Diana Brookes, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, and Myron Healy

Directed by: Lee Madden and Alan Smithee.


Ghost Fever is a slapstick horror/comedy which chronicles an incident between two buddy cops. Benny and Buford are assigned to evict the residents of a nearby mansion. Little do they know that the house is haunted by the ghost of the original racist owner, his former slave, his son, his mistress, and his two beautiful granddaughters. 



Release Date: 2004 Starring: Phil Caracas, Jeff Moffet. Nancy Riehle, Emma Maloney, Josh Grace, Ian Driscoll, Lloyd Kaufman, Shana Sosin. Directed by: Lee Demarbre (Odessa Filmworks)  

    They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and that may be true, However, when I saw the cover of this movie, I could tell that it was a definite “MUST SEE”! Harry Knuckles is a secret agent/martial arts master affectionately known as ‘The Spanish Fly’. He has saved the world on several occasions and now he is called  forth to solve the case of the missing Pearl Necklace which has been stolen by the Radio Active Bionic Big Foot. 

Raw Force Cover.jpg


     The 80s were filled with buttloads of action films. Quite a few of them made it to the silver screen, but there were a few thousand that - despite their creativity - didn't have the fortune of sharing that platitude! Raw Force is one of those movies. This action-packed film stands out with an original plot, which was practically unheard of in 1982. It predates the California Martial arts craze in Hollywood, which the Karate Kid generated in 1984 or even the the unlikely group of "modern-day" heroes we learned to love in 1983's 'The A-Team' .

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