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Raw Force


Genre: Action

Written and Directed by Edward D. Murphy

Produced by Frank E. Johnson

Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Geoff Binney, Jillian Kessner, John Dresden, Jennifer Holmes, Hope Holiday, and Rey King

The 80s were filled with buttloads of action films. Quite a few of them made it to the silver screen, but there were a few thousand that - despite their creativity - didn't have the fortune of sharing that platitude! Raw Force is one of those movies. This action-packed film stands out with an original plot, which was practically unheard of in 1982. It predates the California Martial arts craze in Hollywood, which the Karate Kid generated in 1984 or even the the unlikely group of "modern-day" heroes we learned to love in 1983's 'The A-Team' .

The film features the Burbank Karate Club; a ragtag group of misfits armed with an arsenal of charm, wit, and martial arts (not to mention a high-tolerance for alcohol). On their search for the fabled Warrior Island, they are introduced to  the ever-intoxicated Captain Harry Dodds (aka Dean Martin’s lesser known brother, Don) who helps guide them. ON their adventure they encounter Martial Arts Warrior Zombies, Cannibal Monks, B-Movie thugs, Jade Smugglers, Sex Slaves, and an absolutely horrible Hitler Impersonator. As for the action, you won't be disappointed by the skills and ingenuity of the Burbank Karate club as they brawl their way through bar fights, knock out undead ninja, and hassle henchmen. They even kick through a truck!

All in all, while Raw Force wasn't nominated for any awards, it's still entertaining enough to to make you happy that you watched it, and the characters are easily addictive to any avid purveyor of fine cinema. Catch your favorite buzz (if you're into that sort of thing) and enjoy this martial arts masterpiece; born on the cusp of everyone's favorite decade - the 80s. Although, it states "to be continued..." at the end of the movie, no known sequel has been created for this adrenaline-filled adventure!

I give this movie 3 out of 5 creepy monks!


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