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Ghost Fever

Release Date: March 27, 1987

Starring: Sherman Hemsley, Luis Avaloz, Jennifer Rhodes, Deborah Benson, Diana Brookes, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, and Myron Healy

Directed by: Lee Madden and Alan Smithee

Ghost Fever is a slapstick horror/comedy which chronicles an incident between two buddy cops. Benny and Buford are assigned to evict the residents of a nearby mansion. Little do they know that the house is haunted by the ghost of the original racist owner, his former slave, his son, his mistress, and his two beautiful granddaughters. Two words come to mind when I think of this feature: “Total Classic”. Only a comedy genius like Alan Smithee could be responsible for pairing together Sherman Hemsley with the Electric Company’s Luis Avaloz to make the best horror/comedy film since Ghostbusters. I nearly fell to tears just watching two short balding men give double takes, rap, dance, swordfight, box, and run for their lives! Hemsley successfully breaks out of his typecasting by taking on a duel role in this one-of-a-kind jewel. 3 OUT OF 5 GEMS


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