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Paldo Bibimmyeon

This took A LOT of work to figure out. The label is only in Korean so I had to do some research and the Google translate app to even find out what this is called let alone what's in it. From what I've gathered Bibimmyeon is spicy cold (of course I made it hot finding this out afterwards) noodle native to South Korea and is typically enjoyed in the summer months.

Allegedly this bowl is made with sour apple and garlic that's mixed with the wheat noodles after draining the water. There's no flakes that go in this (it doesn't need it) its only noodles and flavor pack but I've seen from other reviewers that people like to add other ingredients. This flavor is fairly spicy unlike Paldo's weak Kimchi so keep that in mind. I've left some of the odd spelling that the translator app had picked up ex "JOHN" flavor.

The only thing I could find online was an ebay seller who has this up for $8.49. I bought this locally but I know I didn't pay more than a few dollars for this and you shouldn't either. But if spice is what you enjoy, seek this out.



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