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Ramen Review: Samyang Big Bowl, Lobster Flavor.

Ramen Review: Samyang Big Bowl, Lobster Flavor.

Fairly tasty and has a slight spicy flavor. It comes with Dried Bok Choy, dried chives, dried scroll fish cake (which is what the red and white pinwheel is in my hand these don't have much flavor on their own) and a flavor packet. You can either cook it in the microwave or let it sit with boiling water, I chose the microwave. It has standard Ramen noodles but don't let the nutrition facts fool you, it claims to only have 760mg of sodium and 200 calories, but then you notice that it lists as "2 servings per container". I couldn't find a Price online for this specific bowl, but similar bowls from the same company list at $2.69



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